DSS- Agenda for the meeting 14th May 2022

7:30 PM Onwards at Maple, IHC, New Delhi

  1. Passing the minutes of last meeting
  2. Nomination for one post of executive member
  3. Change of Signatories in account
  4. Distribution of Book- Operation Theatre Manual- By Dr. Shankar Acharya to VAAS Members present in the meeting
  5. Executive committee meeting

Scientific Meeting

Session 1: 7:30 PM- 8:00 PM
Chairperson: Dr. Harsh Bhargav/ Dr. K.L. Kalra

7:30 PM -7:40 PM: Dr. Rajat Mahajan- ISIC- Failed Adult deformity
7:40 PM- 7:50 PM: Dr. Hemant Sable/Dr. Sachin Borkar- AIIMS- Think before you Screw the Patient!
7:50 PM-8:00 PM: Dr. Manoj/ Dr. Puneet Girdhar- BLK Max- Severe Dysplastic Scoliosis with Neurofibromatosis

Session 2: 8:00 PM- 8:45 PM
Chairperson: Dr. Arvind Jayaswal/ Dr. Shankar Acharya

8:00 PM- 8:30 PM: “The making of a Spine Surgeon and future of Spine Surgery” Virtual talk by Dr. Sajan Hegde

Session 3: 8:45PM- 9:15 PM
Chairperson: Dr. S.S. Kale/ Dr. V.S. Madan

8:45 PM- 8:55 PM: Dr. Sanyam- BLK Max- ULBD in grade 1 listhesis- Less is more
8:55 PM- 9:05 PM: Dr. Vimal Agrawal/Dr. RS Chahal- SGRH- High Grade Developmental Spondylolisthesis
9:05 PM- 9:15 PM: Dr. V Anand Naik- White cord syndrome after cervical Decompression


9:15 PM- Executive committee Meeting

9:30 PM Onwards- Dinner